Working in multicultural teams -training


This training program provides participants to develop skills, knowledge, and attitude to work with multicultural teams. It enables the participants to understand how culture shapes people’s behavior and how it influences in interaction with people. Making diversity a strength benefits the participant as well as the whole organization.

This training is designed for professionals working in multicultural teams or multicultural environment.

One day intensive training program starting from morning 9 am to evening 16.30 pm

– Understanding culture and its influence on people’s behavior
– Impact of culture on communication
– Creating climate of trust & common language
– Building relationship with individuals in multicultural team
– Rules of hierarchy, gender, status, time
– Exhibiting right verbal and non verbal behaviors
– Resolving conflicts in multicultural settings
– Creating common work culture
– Overcoming ethnocentrism and stereotypes

This training will be based on innovative and interactive learning techniques: short lectures, simulation, group work, discussions and creation of the developmental plan for the participants.

The participants will
– Obtain skills to work efficiently as a team player with the multicultural team
– Have effective cross-cultural communication with team members
– Overcome misleading assumptions due to stereotypes and misunderstanding
– Improve creativity and problem solving skills in a multicultural team environment
– Tips, techniques, ideas to develop the skills to work successfully in a multicultural team
Dr.S.Narashima Boopathi
Dr. Narashima Boopathi Sivasubramanian (aka) Boo is a true visionary hails from India and lives in Finland. Boopathi is cross-cultural and diversity trainer, consultant who is also accredited CQ (Cultural Intelligence) specialist. Boopathi’s proficiency in the areas of cross-cultural management and diversity specifically in research, consulting and training facilitates him to provide expert advice for companies seeking to implement multicultural and diversity policies. Combining Masters, in commerce, International business and Post graduate diploma in Human Resource management and years of experience in HR and consulting enabled Boopathi to establish Cultural Analysis International. Boopathi completed his doctoral studies in the area of Cultural Intelligence Quotient (CQ).


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