Craft Beer Tour Tampere 2017

Craft Beer Tour Tampere 2017


Many doctors and other specialists highly recommend the consumption of beer due to its health benefits. Of course, always in responsible measures. By some studies, beer reduces the risk of Alzheimer, heart attacks, kidney stones, or, even, can help with the regulation of blood pleasure within other multiple benefits. Didn’t expect that, right? Now you know it. And guess what? We are living on the right place to enjoy all these benefits. Over these years, Tampere has been recognised as the beer capital of Finland, mainly thanks to the several breweries that emerged in the late 80’s with the motivation of brewing uncountable variation of these refreshing and healthy drink. Like all good things, once somebody creates something new, soon it inspires other people to their own, and that’s what happened with Tampere. Thanks to those pioneers who started making their own beers, we can find a more than tasteful cluster of beer makers in the city.


Despite of its origins in the late 80s, we could say that the brewery scene got consolidated in the early 90s. In this decade, Tampere witnessed how breweries like Sinebrychoff, Pyynikki Käsiläyspanimo or, not so far away from the city, in Nokia, Pirkanmaan uusi panimo, Nokian Panimo afterwards, stole the show in the beer scene. All these big breweries motivated the emergence of small bars and canteens where these types of beer could be sold. Offering a more colourful picture of the city. The passion of producing beer has allowed the continuation of this tradition, something visible till these days with clear example of the activity of legendary places like Plevna, Terenpeli, or Tuulensu, which deliver these craft beers with the same fervour as the beginning of the days.


From JCI United, we are conscious about the long history of our city when it is about beer duties. For that reason, we feel responsible to bring this up to Finland and the rest of the world. That’s why we felt inspired to make the first Craft Beer Tour in Tampere. So: Why not to discover the city in a different way? Why not to get to know the history of the city through its beer production?


Craft Beer Tour Tampere is a guided tour where the participants get to know the history of the beer scene in Tampere while tasting 15 of the finest craft made beers plus one glass of Sahti, a Finnish artisan beer. During the visit, the participants will visit places like Bookers, the well-known restaurant Plevna; Tuulensu, a cosy Belgian style gastropub; Teerenpeli; or the stylish gastropub Nordic. The tour finishes in Paja-Bar, located on the ground floor of the elegant Torni Hotel. Also, during the tour you will get some delicatessen proper from Tuulensu and Nordic, perfect to make company with the beers. The price is 49€ per participant, something affordable to the quantity and quality of the beer. The Tours will be lighting the candles of the city every Friday during the from June to August. The maximum number of participants is 20 persons per tour. So, run and book your tickets, they are getting sold out!

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  • Reyver Serna, SECY/LIO JCI United 2017


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